Dorian has passed Miami… did you feel your law office was prepared?

Early hurricane preparation will improve your firm’s ability to get back to business.

Tips you can do before a hurricane strikes:

  • Develop communications procedures to inform staff of office closure status.  Create a “phone tree” to communicate when the office will re-open.
  • Test forwarding the firm’s main phone number to a cell phone or using a mobile phone app from your telephone provider.
  • Confirm you are properly insured.  Consider business interruption insurance that covers loss of income because of a disaster, such as closed roads or loss of power.

When a Hurricane Warning is issued:

  • Properly shut down and turn off computers, monitors and printers.  Unplug hardware, including printers, that do not have an Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) from the wall.  A server can stay running to enable remote access if it is properly shielded using an appropriate UPS.
  • Store computer equipment away from the windows and off the floor.
  • Safety is the highest priority.  Heed official evacuation warnings and find the safest location to ride out the storm.

What to do after a hurricane:

  • The electrical supply may be unstable and have unusual surges and flickers.  LCC recommends U.P.S. equipment to protect sensitive hardware.

LCC can assess your firm’s readiness for the next natural disaster.

We hope you and your family stays safe throughout this hurricane season,

Dade: (305) 371-4522

Broward: (954) 680-3760

WPB: (561) 296-4522

Legal Computer Consultants (LCC)provides comprehensive technology solutions exclusively for South Florida attorneys and their staff.   

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