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Microsoft Advanced Threat Protection for Office 365 for Law Firms

Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) is an external extra layer of protection offered by Microsoft Office 365 (before email gets to your office) added above the current virus protection and malware. • ATP provides “zero-day” protection versus the current automatically scheduled updates • ATP scrubs attachments before they get to your mailbox. • Once deployed, you […]

Cyber Alerts: Risk Mitigation for Law Firms

Law Firms are increasingly being targeted and computer networks are being penetrated, stealing intellectual property, and compromising client-privileged data. The “Know the Risk, Raise Your Shield” materials are featured on NCSC’s website at https://www.dni.gov/ncsc/knowtherisk/tools/ Risks include: social engineering, social media deception, spear-phishing, mobile device safety, and foreign travel risks.

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Converting files to PDF/A for submission to the Federal Courts by Law Firms and Legal Professionals

Federal Courts may require your firm to submit PDF files in a PDF/A compliant format.  PDF/A is type of PDF file that contains all the elements of the document ‘embedded’ in the document versus having links to content in the document.  This is important for long term archiving and subsequently preferred by the courts. Here are […]