Are you using Zoom to meet with clients and colleagues?

Here are some tips from the FBI, Zoom and other experts to keep your Zoom sessions safer:

  • Keep meetings ‘private’. Do this by requiring a meeting password. Additionally, the “Waiting Room” feature can help hosts control who enters.
  • Do not share invites to Zoom meetings on social media. Instead, send the meeting password directly to attendees.
  • Use random meeting IDs so your ID cannot be shared multiple times. According to Zoom’s website, this is safer than using a “Personal Meeting ID.”
  • Change screen-sharing settings to “Only Host,” so no one but the host can control the screen. The host can also mute participants in their settings.
  • Lock a Zoom session that has already begun so no one else can join. Do this by clicking “Participants” in the bottom of a Zoom window, then clicking “Lock Meeting.”
  • Remove participants by hovering over their name in the Participants menu and clicking the “Remove” option. The removed participant will not be allowed back in to the meeting.
  • Make sure you have the most updated version of Zoom’s software.  Updates download automatically.

Zoom has security vulnerabilities.

Zoom is constantly deploying patches.  Make sure you have the latest version by clicking your account icon and choosing ‘check for updates’.

Consider using Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is included in most Microsoft Office 365 Subscriptions and provides the same features and more for your Office 365 users.  Teams creates a collaboration hub integrating

  • on-line video and audio meetings,
  • email,
  • chat,
  • file sharing and,
  • screen sharing.

Access Microsoft Teams anywhere and anytime with its desktop and mobile applications available on Windows, Mac IOS and Android devices.

Consider using WhatsApp

Alternatively, WhatsApp has end to end encryption and can have up to 15 people participating on a video conference call. Screen sharing is not available on WhatsApp.

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